This is my story.

I can’t say that I’ve loved cinema and theatre since I was a child. My parents used to take me to the cartoon movies and barely a family friendly play or two. In my house, education has always been valued, but art didn’t seem to be part of it. I must have read hundreds of books, but always in an academical way.

When I was on my teens, in my class there was this student who used to do a lot of after-school activities, including drama lessons. I always played basketball in order to stay in shape, but it was hard to get my parents to sign me up for guitar lessons… I honestly just wanted to try it out and meet people from a different environment. And… Wow. I was amazed. I found my place.

Since then, I haven’t stopped training. When I did my baccalaureate (technological, of course) and while I managed to become a Telecommunications engineer (because I had to, of course) I paid with my saving and my hours as a cashier in the supermarket, a professional training in Barcelona as a theatre actress.

I worked as an engineer, to continue investing in my artistic career, fulfilling my desire to always be learning new things, standing out: physical theatre, acting in front of the camera, contemporary dance, aerial acrobat and stunts.

Currently, I dedicate myself to making my dream, and favourite place, my profession.